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Glamorous Black and White Wedding Details

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One of the most elegant design schemes for a wedding is the black and white theme. It is chic, sophisticated, and versatile. Get inspired with these ideas for glamorous black and white wedding details.

Since the bride sets the tone, she should definitely try to incorporate the black and white theme into her bridal attire. If you have a flair for the dramatic, choose a white wedding gown which is embroidered with a black design or embellished with black lace. As long as the gown is primarily white, the result will be spectacular, not somber.

For a more subtle dash of black, tie a black ribbon or sash around the waist of your favorite bridal gown. The great thing about this idea is that you can choose any gown you like and personalize it to fit your theme. Another idea is to wear a classic all-white wedding gown with long black gloves. Jet black crystal bridal jewelry would be a fantastic accent. Shop for crystal bridal jewelry in glamorous styles like chokers or chandelier earrings for the maximum “wow” factor.

The bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can be made along the black and white theme as well. One of the most popular flowers for this color palette is the anemone, as it actually comes in a variety which has white petals and a black center. There are many other gorgeous black and white bouquet ideas as well. A lush bouquet of white garden roses will look fabulous tied with a wide black satin bow.

Hang a tiny silver locket with your fiance’s picture from the bow for a special personal detail. Another great idea is to create striking bouquets by mixing black feathers in with white flowers. It would be an equally appropriate bouquet for the bride or her bridesmaids, and is sure to look incredible during the processional.

At the wedding reception, the tablecloths can play up the wedding theme. Custom linens made in a pattern like stripes, damask, or toile would be gorgeous. You can bring some color into the centerpieces for contrast if you like.

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Rich red flowers in tall silver vases are a great complement to striped linens, pale pink peonies in black garden urns would be perfect with toile linens, and lime green button mums or orchids would be breathtaking on the damask tablecloths. Of course, you can certainly plan to keep your centerpieces entirely black and white. Just introduce plenty of texture to keep things interesting. China with silver rims makes a nice addition to any of these black and white reception tablescapes.

Then there is the wedding cake. If you have opted for a patterned tablecloth, you could give the baker a swatch and ask her to use it for the basis of the cake design. A white fondant cake with a border of black frosting pearls around the base of each tier is another elegant design. Top it with a single oversized sugar blossom for a chic and understated effect. It might look nice to display the black and white cake on a colored tablecloth for contrast.

You will find many other stylish details you can use for a black and white wedding. There are the wedding invitations, custom aisle runners, and of course tuxedos for the men in the bridal party. The black and white theme is sure to give your wedding a sophisticated and glamorous feeling.