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The 5 Easiest Projects To DIY For Your Wedding!

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Hello YWE readers!!! My name is Jen Carreiro and I’m the editor of a creative wedding blog called Something Turquoise that truly embraces the DIY bride. I’m honored to announce that I’ve been given the pleasure of being named the “featured wedding blogger” at the very first Your Wedding Experience event being held in Atlanta, GA on June 14th!

I’ll be hanging out at the Coffee Corner and I have loads of awesome stuff planned for you, from an engagement ring selfie-bar to creating a special, custom shade of nail polish for your wedding day – so you absolutely must stop by to say hi and indulge your creative spirit! In the meantime, I will be sharing a fun guest post here each month leading up to the event, to inspire you on your wedding planning journey and give you a little insight into what makes my wedding blog tick!

In today’s feature I’m sharing the 5 easiest projects to DIY for your wedding! All the images + projects that are featured here have been created by me and the detailed, step by step tutorials of how you can create them for yourself can be found on my blog using the link underneath each image. In discussing these 5 items, I’m not advising you to arrange your own flowers, create your own invitations or sew your own dress, because those details are large scale projects that will take specialized expertise and loads of time.

What I want you to keep in mind is that these projects are deemed the “easiest” because they are guaranteed to make a special impact on your day and you don’t have to make a million of them (like favors, lol!). How detailed you choose get with the projects is up to you and your skill level, but any type of bride (crafty or not) will be able to execute my ideas below with ease!

wedding ring box proposal

1. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts

This awesome trend had us all at hello, right? Since the “ask” gift is basically a must nowadays, you might as well add your own personal touch and flair to it! There are so many fun and wonderful ways that you can “pop” the question to your besties, so many in fact that it can be hard to choose just one. First, you’ll want to decide how much money you want to spend on each gift – they can add up quickly so stick to your budget plan.

Next consider your wedding location, theme, colors and what gifts speak to you and your friendships. Great items to include are: bridesmaid shirt, nail polish, mini-bottle of champagne, candy, body scrub or specialty lotion, and maybe even some jewelry!

2. Your “Something Blue”

The “Something old, new, borrowed, blue… and a silver sixpence in her shoe” tradition is one that is very close to my heart as my special items where the inspiration for my blog name – Something Turquoise! My favorite color is turquoise and so my “something blue” had to be turquoise instead. The blue item is meant to symbolize love, modesty, fidelity, purity and good luck.

In fact before the late 19th century, blue was a very popular color for wedding gowns! What fun blue detail would go with your wedding look? Maybe… painted blue bottom shoes, your grooms initials embroidered into your dress with blue thread, blue nails, blue jewelry, blue under garments, a blue sash on your bouquet…. or maybe even this adorable dress pin?

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3. Guest Book

Yes – the guest book! No longer do we need to have the old-school book that our parents did, where their guests just wrote their names on the first few pages and now it’s in a box in the attic somewhere covered in cobwebs (no offense to them). The guest book is the perfect opportunity to create a super special, unique keepsake for you and your new Mr!

It’s terrific because you only have to create one and since all your guests will see and touch it, it’s the perfect item to DIY! Get creative and brainstorm with your groom about what interactive idea best represents you as a couple or your wedding as a theme… how fun is this “date jar” guest book!?

4. Table Numbers

Table numbers are by far my favorite wedding project to DIY hands down. In thinking of all the items that will make an impact on your guests – table numbers are a big one! There are loads of amazing options out there for creative table numbers but you have to look at your wedding theme to see what will work best with your decor and centerpiece plans.

This project is the largest on the list, since you will be making 10 – 20 of them. Send your guests to their seats in style and craft something special for them to admire at each table, like these chalkboard photo table numbers!

5. Mr & Mrs Reception Chair Signs

Best new trend and so easy to DIY! Mr and Mrs, Bride and Groom, His and Hers, Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right… the list goes on and on of what sweet sentiment you could hang on the back of your reception chairs. This darling little detail is the last on our list but packs a wonderful punch, especially for your photography! You can make these signs out of printed paper, painted wood, wire, yarn, ribbon and so much more.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is how you will be hanging the sign off the chair, as there are many different styles of chair and if the ribbon is too long and not positioned right, it could make your sign hang and face downwards. Do yourself a favor and try it out on the chair before your wedding day. Not into the signs? Maybe you should paint special chairs for each of you instead!