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Top 3 Sample Bridal Shower Menus

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Hosting a bridal shower is an exciting thing to do. You get the chance to organize a send-off party for the bride-to-be and bond together with your friends and family members. Aside from planning carefully the theme of the shower, the decorations, games and invitations for the guests, the bridal shower menu is another very important part that you need to put up painstakingly. After all, a great shower menu makes the event more memorable and it brings people closer.

You can serve anything from brunch, lunch, dinner or an afternoon tea when holding a bridal shower. The choice will be made based on your budget, theme, the most convenient time of the day for the guests and the bride’s preference in food. Make sure to have enough food for everyone during the bridal shower. Indeed, it’s better to have leftovers than to run out of dishes.

In selecting the theme of the shower, you may opt for a super simple one or an elaborate theme such as Hawaiian luau or Mexican-themed shower. If you have a theme for the shower, ensure that the foods you serve will complement it.

–          For a color theme, select foods that match the color chosen for the shower. Take for instance; a sunny-colored theme requires foods that are yellow, orange and red.

–          Of course, you don’t need to match everything to the theme but make sure there are a few dishes that will really stand out.

–          For a luau-themed party, include tropical fruits such as papaya and pineapple in the menu. You may also decorate the dishes with bright-colored tropical flowers such as hibiscus.

There are also different types of menus for the shower. When planning to hold a bridal shower, identify first the type of food you want to serve to your family and friends. You can either have finger food or a meal. What’s the difference between a finger food and a meal? Well, the answer is pretty self-explanatory but here is a quick rundown of their characteristics.

Finger food-As the name implies this kind of party food can be eaten using the fingers of the hand. Many shower organizers opt for finger foods because they have more choices which are filling and easy to prepare. Finger foods are also easy to eat, you can enjoy it for the entire duration of the party as well. Since these foods are versatile, you can offer guests to eat them with a plate and a fork too. Finger foods don’t necessarily mean only those that can be eaten with the fingers. You could also include a cake or salad along with the wide selection of meatballs, sushi, mini quiches, deviled eggs, cheese sticks and vegetable sticks.

Meal-If you want a proper sit-down dinner, there is no other choice but to offer a complete meal with appetizers, main courses, salad and dessert. Set the table with elegant table wares and a magnificent centerpiece. You may serve hors‘d oeuvres as the appetizer, steak for the main course, Caesar’s salad with rolls and Chocolate-dipped Strawberries for dessert. Of course, include drinks in the menu.
Here are some simple bridal shower menu suggestions that you can try:

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Orange juice to toast for the bride

Fresh bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Seafood salad

Mini Danish

Fruit salad

Tea or coffee with the bridal shower cake

Lunch or dinner

Appetizers: chips with dip or salsa, or cheese and crackers

Red wine or non-alcoholic beverages to toast the bride

Vegetable salad and rolls

Lasagna or a casserole dish with chicken, salmon, etc.

Strawberry rhubarb pie

Tea or coffee with the shower cake

Bridal shower tea

Assorted open-faced sandwiches

Sugar cookies

Bite-sized pastries

English Trifle

A basket of individual tea choices

Bridal shower cake

Champagne, red wine or non-alcoholic beverages for the toast

In creating the shower menu, make sure to consider the food choices of the bride so everyone could enjoy the feast on the table. Never forget to ask the guests if they have any food considerations such as allergy. Nothing is worse than having a banquet of seafood on the dining table only to end having majority of your guests allergic to shrimps, scallops, seaweeds and other food from the bounty of the sea. With these suggestions, you can plan and execute a perfect bridal shower that everyone will remember.