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White Sapphire Vs. Diamond Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is already such a personal choice to start with. You of course want the exact item that will be right for your significant other – nothing more or less. But what if two options sound great? What are the pros and cons?

Pros of a White Sapphire

There are a couple reasons that purchasing a white sapphire would be an excellent option. First, if you are in the market for budget friendly ideas, this is about as good as they get. Since blue colored sapphires are what most people think of, and consequently, want, when buying this gem, white sapphires often get overlooked. And it shows in the great deals that you can find with this stone.

Another thing to be considered is their appearance. White sapphires are exceptionally beautiful and are true to their color scheme. The hardness they possess of 9 means they will be difficult to chip. They are great for engagement rings for those just starting out.

Pros of a Diamond

A diamond is for eternity is something that is said pretty often. There is a reason for this. Because of the hardness of the stone, diamonds can last for quite some time. There are many ways to tell what type of quality you are getting, and they have been thoroughly researched. This is one of the most popular options for engagement rings today. Their sparkle and individuality makes them a rare and precious possession.

diamond ring vs white sapphire

Which one is better? See video comparisons between a diamond and a white sapphire here...

Cons of a White Sapphire

A sapphire will not get the same type of paperwork from the GIA that a diamond will. It will have a list with it containing some information, but it will not be systematically graded in a process identical to a diamond.

Even though a significant glimmer will emit from a sapphire, it is not equal to a diamond substance. When compared, the sparkle of a diamond is much better. Also, a sapphire may need more maintenance to keep its shine. If you are going for the appearance of a diamond, this option may look fake.

Cons of a Diamond

A diamond is an amazing purchase for many reasons, but one thing that can be held against it is the price that comes with. You will pay a pretty penny for a diamond, and if you do not spend a significant amount, it may be either fake or bad quality. Keep this in mind when you are looking.

Which is better?

With both being good choices, how do you decide? Let’s go over a couple other questions first. To begin, what is your budget? And next, how long do you plan to keep the ring? Third, which look do you prefer?

How long do you plan to keep the ring?

This affects your decision greatly. If you want to propose and get married soon and funds are low, a white sapphire will work well. If she really loves the diamond look, this is a nice replica until a diamond can be afforded later.

What look do you prefer?

If you are all about the sparkle and glimmer, and she has been dreaming of a diamond engagement ring all her life, then obviously, nothing else will do. A diamond will always be a popular and gorgeous selection.

However, if authenticity and being unique really appeal to you, you might like the sapphire option. The needs and desires for engagement rings vary greatly from person to person, so you can see how your unique situation will influence the buying process.

Overall, choosing an engagement ring is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to grow as an individual and a couple. It is a milestone from which you can look back at how far you’ve come, as well as look ahead eagerly to the future.